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WCMM - Forum Scientium Weekly News Letter 06

You will find more information at our home pages https://liu.se/en/research/forum-scientium , https://liu.se/en/research/wallenberg-centre-for-molecular-medicine and https://old.liu.se/forskning/scientium/?l=en ) This is a combined weekly newsletter for both the WCMM network at LiU and the multidisciplinary research school  and network Forum Scientium. PhD students and postdocs are welcome to become members in Forum Scientium thereby increasing the LiU network at the interface between Medicine, Natural Science and Engineering. Information on the advantages and formalities of the membership can be found at https://people.ifm.liu.se/stekl/flyer.pdf


Farjana Parvin

is a new Forum Scientium PhD student member, see https://liu.se/medarbetare/farpa93. She will work in Per Hammarström’s research group, https://liu.se/en/research/hammarstrom-lab, studying amyloid-beta (Aβ) polymorphism in Drosophila and mouse models. She has a Master exam in “Molecular Biophysics” from Stockholm.


MIIC SAP Seminar​

Monday 3 February at 12:15 - 13:00 in Papaver, entrance 78 (the Green House), floor 11, Campus US

Maike Bensberg - "The mechanism of vitamin C in leukemia: Epigenetic regulator or source of reactive oxygen species?" Maria Hjorth - “Immune modulating therapy in Multiple Sclerosis”​


5th of February: MIIC SEMINAR

13.15-14.15 "MethQTL analysis in the chicken: the genetic architecture of the methylene and its role in domestication" - Dominic Wright, Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology, Linköping University
14.15-14.30 Coffee, tea
14.30-15.45 ”Epigenetics in systemic autoimmune disease” - Gunnel Nordmark, Department of Medical Sciences, Uppsala University

Location: Lecture hall Linden entrance 65, Campus US


Isak Engqvist

will present his docent lecture ”From printed electronics to paper electronics”

Thursday 6 February at 15:15 in lecture hall K3 in Kåkenhus, Campus Norrköping


WCMM Fellow Rolf Saager

will present his docent lecture ”Spectral Imaging in the Spatial Frequency Domain: Quantifying Physiologic Parameters in Structured Tissues”

Monday 10 February at 10:15 in lecture hall Almen, entrance 65, Campus US


Presentation of the Core Facility at Campus US and ProLinC at Campus Valla

Wednesday 12 February starting at 16:25 in lecture hall Wranne at CMIV, Campus US. Coffee will be served from 16:10.

(to find your way to lecture hall Wranne from the Northern entrance of the hospital (Entrance 7) use Elevator K, floor 11, exit the elevator to the left. CMIV is on the left. Ring the bell to get inside.)

- More info about Core Facility at Campus US at https://liu.se/en/organisation/liu/medfak/coref

- More info about ProLinC at Campus Valla can be found at https://liu.se/en/research/prolinc


PhD Course: Computational systems biology, 3 ECTS

The course is intensively thought and scheduled 8-17 o’clock during 11-15 May 2020 in Linköping, and will be taught by multiple invited teachers. The topics covered are:

•             Topological networks analysis in medicine

•             Reverse-engineering of biological networks from experimental data

•             Usage of disease-modules for increasing interpretability of complex disease data

•             Mathematical modelling of dynamical molecular data

We will work with both theory and practical exercises in the programming language R.

Approximately 10 seats are available for LiU students. Please contact mika.gustafsson@liu.se if interested as soon as possible.


Akademiskt entreprenörskap

Öppet lunchseminarium tisdag 11 februari 2020. Tid: kl 12.15 - 13.30. Plats: Lärosal KY 21, Key-huset plan 2, Campus Valla

Hur kan vi använda akademisk forskning för att skapa nytta i samhället via t.ex. skapande av nya företag med också ny teknik tillgänglig för alla. Professor emeritus Robert Forchheimer, ISY, är inbjuden för att berätta om

sina erfarenheter hämtade från en framgångsrik karriär som akademisk forskare, undervisare och entreprenör. 

Lunchsmörgås och dryck serveras till den som anmält sig senast fredag 7 februari kl 12.00 till akademiskaforeningen@liu.se 


"Digitala tvillingar kan ge oss skräddarsydd sjukvård"

Föreläsare: Former Forum Scientium member Tino Ebbers. Tid: Onsdag 12 februari kl. 11.30-13.00. Plats: Universitetsklubben, Olaus Magnus väg 29, Campus Valla. Lunchklubben är ett nätverk för representanter från akademi, näringsliv och samhälle. Ät lunch, knyt kontakter och lyssna på forskningsföredrag. Alla är välkomna och föranmälan krävs. Kostnad på 130 kronor betalas vid entrén. Kontakta: susanne.pettersson@liu.se 


Early info:

Forum Scientium member Anna Svedberg

will present her thesis “Toxicity and pharmacokinetic biomarkers for personalized non-small cell lung cancer treatment”

Friday 14 February at 09:00 in Hasselquistsalen in Building 511 at Campus US.

More info at http://liu.diva-portal.org/smash/record.jsf?pid=diva2:1385359


Forum Scientium member Anna Zimdahl Kahlin

will present her thesis Friday 6 March


Forum Scientium member Maria Seitanidou

will present her thesis on Friday 6 March at 10.15 in lecture hall K3 in Kåkenhus at Campus Norrköping


KVA Lecture Wednesday 11 March at 18:00

Magnus Berggren: “Organisk bioelektronik – den uppkopplade naturen” (in Swedish?)

18.00-19.00 Linköpings universitet, Hus C, Lokal C1, Campus Valla, Linköping

Mer information at www.kva.se/mars11


Forum Scientium member Maciej Gryszel

will present his thesis Monday 30 March at 9:15 in lecture hall K1 at Campus Norrköping


WCMM Symposium 11 - 12 May 2020

Monday 11 – Tuesday 12 May 2020
More info later


11-13 May 2020 – The Swedish Neutron Week 2020 (http://neutronweek.se/) Annual meetings of the Swedish Neutron Scattering Society (SNSS) and the Swedish graduate school in neutron scattering (SwedNess). The meeting is open to everyone and will be held at Vildmarkshotellet, Kolmården. This is an excellent opportunity to learn more about work in the field, with relatively little effort. This year there will also be a thematic special industry session/day.


Forum Scientium member Judit Randek

will present her thesis Friday 15 May at 13:00 in lecture hall Planck, Physics Building, Campus Valla


Forum Scientium member Jesper Fogelholm

will present his thesis Friday 22 May


Forum Scientium member Andrey Höglund

will present his thesis Friday 29 May


15-17 June 2020 – SCS2020

The biannual meeting of the Swedish Chemical Society is organized at Linköpings Konsert & Kongress. More info at http://scs2020.se


Conference on Advanced Functional Materials (AFM2020) ​

18-20 August 2020, Vildmarkshotellet Kolmården, Norrköping, Sweden. More info at https://liu.se/en/research/advanced-functional-materials 


Always included:

ProLinC – PROtein folding and Ligand INteraction Core facility at Campus Valla

ProLinC at Linköping University aids researchers who want to characterize shape, structure, stability and binding of biomolecules such as proteins, DNA, carbohydrates, lipids and drug candidates.

At https://liu.se/en/research/prolinc you will find more info about which techniques that are available. If interested in utilizing it or getting an introduction, please contact the facility manager Former Forum Scientium member Alexandra Ahlner (alexandra.ahlner@liu.se).


The Core Facility at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

consists of several units that provide advanced equipment and qualified human resources. Platforms:


The LiU Grants Office newsletter

PhD courses
At the following link you will find PhD courses at relevant departments and faculties at LiU, https://old.liu.se/forskning/scientium/courses?l=en


Latest SciLifeLab News Letter  



Swelife supports collaboration within academia, industry and healthcare, with the goal to strengthen Life Science in Sweden and to improve public health.



Bioinformatics support from NBIS

This is an opportunity for researchers who want to discuss bioinformatics problems with experts from National Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden (NBIS). They can offer you their expertise in applications such as: genetics, genomics, statistics and machine learning applied to a variety of biological data sets.

Tuesdays, starting September 3 and the last opportunity for this semester is December 17, 11:00-12:00, Room 2B:586, B-Building, or Skype

For more info see https://www.nbis.se/ , or contact Claudio Mirabello and Malin Larsson, e-mail claudio.mirabello@liu.se, malin.larsson@liu.se, phone 0700895442.



PhD students at LiU are recommended to become members in PhD-LiU, see http://liuphd.se/


Junior Faculty

Postdocs at LiU are recommended to become members in the LiU Junior Faculty, see https://old.liu.se/juniorfaculty?l=en



PhD students at the medical faculty is recommended to be members in DOMFIL, https://old.liu.se/medfak/domfil?l=en


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