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IKE Day 2019 - From IKE to BKV


14th of November 2019 marked the last IKE Day, ever. At the turn of the year IKE will be dissolved and the new Department of Biomedical and Clinical Sciences (BKV) will arise come January 1st 2020. This year’s IKE Day had an intriguing program. Around 160 registered participants sat down in Hasselquistsalen once the event started.

Thoughts from the Head of Department

Bild på prefekt Anders Fridberger. Anders Fridberger, Head of Department at IKE and of the upcoming department BKV, started the day by talking about the work behind and the transition from IKE to BKV. He shared his thoughts and ideas to further develop the research and teaching at BKV, but also the importance of finding joy in one's work.

"If you do research or if you teach it is important to find joy in whatever you do. Most of my science has been based on going to the lab and trying to have a good time. Suddenly you see something, you have some fact that no one else has", Anders Fridberg said.


Fridberger emphasized the value of following good research conduct:
"To be clear, I of course want you to publish in the best possible journal. That’s what I strive for myself. But too much focus on where we publish rather than what is inside those publicatons, is something that can harm research. We risk taking focus away from what is truly important: The science we do and the teaching. In other words, research on BKV must be based on quality, rather than quantity".

He had a few slides capturing his thoughts regarding the future of BKV.

  • Research at BKV - Focused on finding the truth.
  • Education at BKV - Train health - care personnel that we ourselves would like to meet, should the need arise.
  • Research and Education at BKV - A further developed collaboration with the county council is essential.

Anders Fridberger briefly presented Johanna Forsell, new Head of Administration at BKV. And further on, he also showed the new organizational chart for BKV and the changes that will take place at the turn of the year.

He pointed out that this is one step, but more changes can come. For example, getting cancer researchers to work more closely together is one question to consider in the future.


Principles and values at BKV

Then Peter Påhlsson, Deputy Head of Department of IKE and (soon to be BKV),Bild på Peter Påhlsson, proprefekt continued to talk about principles and values at BKV. Påhlsson spoke about basic values in the workplace. And more specifically the importance of collegial basic values and feeling confident enough to be able to express oneself at work and to both give and receive criticism and feedback.

Introductory courses for new employees will begin in the spring, but will be open to everyone. The course will be mandatory for new co-workers to ensure that the basic values at BKV are adhered to in the workplace.



IKE-dagen 2019, föreläsare Johnny LudvigssonProfessor Johnny Ludvigsson followed with a shorter presentation on some aspects of the ethics of medical research.








A wide range of interesting presentations

Professor Marcus HeiligAfter that it was time for the Life Scientific Lecture 2019 and the Key Note speaker was Professor Markus Heilig, from the Center for Social and Affective Neuroscience (CSAN). He described his research on dissecting the biological roots of addiction and his efforts in the clinic and wider society to combat addiction and the perception of addiction in Sweden. He also explained why CSAN's research focus is on alcohol addiction:

“There is some kind of an aura around those hard drugs, like heroine and cocaine, that make them exciting. But the fact that the number of individuals that is exposed to alcohol is so much greater gives good reason to focus on alcohol addiction, even though we take interest in other addictions as well”, said Heilig.

He ended up with some conclusions: 
“Rewarding effect of drugs is just a starting point in the research process. Over time, stress- and aversion-systems become more important. Treatment is not only about making people stop drug use. Availability of healthy alternative rewards is the key to treating addiction”.

We also had the privilege of listening to many interesting lectures from a range of researchers including Andreas Tillmar, Mikael Benson, Eirini Apostolou, Ahmed Elserafy, Sara Liin and Antonios Pantazis. It again shows what an exciting breadth of research we have here at our department.



Poster presentations

Silvia Castany, post doc at CSANResearch at the department was also presented through a large number of poster presentations. The winner of the poster competition was Silvia Castany, post doc at the Center for Social and Affective Neuroscience (CSAN).

This was the motivation from the jury, Agneta Jansson and Josefin Fernius from Grants Office: 

"An interesting and nicely presented research project with intriguing results. The poster had a clear structure and was easy-to-follow with clearly defined research questions, results and conclusions." 



Mingel vid poster-utställningen på IKE-dagen

The poster session was very appreciated among the co-workers.



Åhörare på IKE-dagen 2019THANK YOU!

Thanks to everyone who attended the last IKE Day. An additonal thanks to the organizational group (Colm Nestor, Chatarina Malm and Gesine Ensle). Now we are looking forward to becoming a new department come January.


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