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MIIC SAP seminar on October 7th

Welcome to MIIC SAP seminar on October 7th (12.15h-13.00h) in Papaver (Entrance 78, floor 11).

  • Georgia Papapavlou (PIs: Jan Ernerudh, M. Jenmalm, Mika Gustafsson): In vitro effect of estrogen and progesterone on CD4+ T cell activation
  • Elin Boström-Holm (PIs: Åsa Keita, Johan D Söderholm, Pär Myrelid): Plexitis in Crohn’s disease with early recurrence-defining mast cells and eosinophils 


The next seminar after that will be on Oct 14th (12.15h-13.00h) in Papaver (Entrance 78, floor 11):

  • Jyotirmoy Das (Maria Lerm’s group): A DNA methylome biosignature in immune cells recovered from induced sputum from TB-exposed individuals
  • Cristina Martínez Serrano (Heriberto Rodríguez Martínez’s group): Seminal plasma modifies the transcriptional pattern of the endometrium and embryo developmental rates


There will not be MIIC SAP seminars on Oct 21st and Oct 28th.


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