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Upcoming MIIC SAP seminars in September

Sept 23rd (12.15h-13.00h) in Papaver (Entrance 78, floor 11):

  • Samuel Schäfer (Mikael Benson’s group): Can single-cell analysis improve drug prediction?
  • Anna-Karin Norlin (Susana Walter’s group): Associations between inflammation, fatigue and brain connectivity in IBS patients


Sept 30th (12.15h-13.00h) in Papaver (Entrance 78, floor 11):

  • Felipe Meira de Faria (Åsa Keita / Susanna Walter’s group): Enteric glial cells in irritable bowel syndrome
  • Karolina Härle (Pär Myrelid’s group): Experience of living with an enterocutaneous fistula. Perspectives from the patient and close relatives


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