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WCMM Seminar on 16th of September

Combinatorial drug predictions for personalized medicine

Monday 16 September at 12:00 – 13:00 in Belladonna, Building 511, Campus US.

Istvan Kovacs, Northeastern University and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston. Dr Kovacs develops novel network-based methods to computationally predict potential drug targets,  drug-drug interactions and beneficial combinations, as well as personalized biomarkers (Nature Com. 2019, Nature 2015, Cell 2015). More info at https://www.barabasilab.com/people/istvan-kovacs

Host is prof Mikael Benson (WCMM Fellow) at IKE, LiU. More info at https://liu.se/en/research/systems-medicine-for-individualised-treatment


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