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Honorary doctors' lectures, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences has awarded Peter Larsson and Nick Hopwood honorary doctorate at Linköping University. They will present their research in the honorary doctor's lectures.

May 24, 10.00 – Searching for new drugs to prevent sudden cardiac death
Peter Larsson, professor of physiology and biophysics and head of research education at the University of Miami, has been awarded an honorary Doctorate of Medicine. His research has centred on ion channels in the cell and how these affect electrical excitability in nerves and cardiac cells. Through the years he has collaborated with several scientists at Linköping University, and has played an important role in undergraduate education, supervising around 20 medical students from LiU for 6-month periods when they work on their degree projects. This has given them valuable experience of high-quality research in an international environment.
Time: May 24, 10.00
Location: Linden, Campus University Hospital

June 13, 13.30 – New perspectives on health professional practice and learning
Nick Hopwood, researcher in educational theory at the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia, has also been awarded an honorary Doctorate in Medicine. His special interest is the study of professional practices, education and learning within the health and medical care system. He has long had a close and rewarding collaboration with the research group in medical teaching methods at Linköping University. He has, among other things, contributed to research education as associate supervisor, held seminars, and acted as host to LiU researchers in Sydney. The collaboration is to continue through the organisation of international conferences within medical teaching methods.

Time: June 13, 13.30
Location: Tidlösa, Campus University Hospital


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