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Input wanted on future SciLifeLab infrastructure

As part of the planning for the future national SciLifeLab infrastructure from 2021 and beyond, SciLifeLab invites life science researchers and other stakeholders within academia, healthcare and industry across Sweden to 

A) express their opinions on what new technologies are most urgently needed as nation-wide infrastructure service, and 

B) suggest existing facilities that are currently not part of SciLifeLab to be incorporated into the infrastructure from 2021. SciLifeLab will collect the proposals via our web-based questionnaires, open from now on until June 20. For more information, see:

  1.     Technology Needs Inventory
  2.     Suggestions on new SciLifeLab Facilities


All questions should be directed to infra@scilifelab.se


On behalf of the SciLifeLab Management Group,


Lars Johansson | Infrastructure Coordinator

Science for Life Laboratory

Box 1031, 171 21 Solna | Tomtebodavägen 23

+46 (0)70-590 99 72

lars.johansson@scilifelab.se | www.scilifelab.se


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