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Mathematical modelling in preclinical drug discovery

Speaker. Peter Gennemark


23 May. 10.15-11.30. IMT1


Peter is Principal scientist at AstraZeneca R&D with an engineering biology (MSc Linköping) and a computing science (PhD, Chalmers) background. He works on mathematical modelling of biological systems and their interactions with drugs (systems biology and pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics) in the area of metabolic and cardiovascular diseases. He collaborates closely on systems biology research topics with Gunnar Cedersund at Linköping University, for instance on modelling of micro-physiological (organ-on-a-chip) systems.


The talk gives specific drug discovery examples from the metabolic and cardiovascular areas. In connection to each example, fundamental aspects of mathematical modelling in the preclinical phases of drug discovery are presented. The talk also discusses translation of the pharmacokinetics and the pharmacodynamics of a drug candidate between in vitro systems, animal models and humans.


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