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Mentorship for PhD students at BKV

As a new PhD student you shall choose a person to be your mentor. As for example this can be a person that has been a PhD student for some time or is PhD (post doctor, assistant/associate professor, professor). It should be someone to whom you feel trust and that you can rely upon. This person should not be involved in your research, your PhD education or supervision.

Ask this person to be your mentor, discuss and agree about how this mentorship should be arranged according to your mutual wishes. Please, complete the form regarding name and so on for the person to be your mentor as well as a short description of the plan for the mentorship.

Sign the form and make a copy for you and for your mentor.

Send the original document printed on one side and without staple to:

Eva Zurawski
Växthuset, plan 12, BKV




Annelie Lindström, Director of Doctoral Studies (FUS)
Phone: 013-28 68 71
E-mail: annelie.lindstrom@liu.se
Visiting address: Cell Biology, level 13

Giannis Spyrou, Associate Director of Doctoral Studies
Phone: 010-103 04 31
E-mail: Giannis.Spyrou@liu.se
Vising address: Entrance 65, Lab 1, Clinical Chemistry, level 11

Annelie Munther, Coordinator
Phone: 013-28 11 44
E-mail: annelie.munther@liu.se
Visiting address: IKE Office, Sandbäcksgatan 7, level 2

Emelie Nordqvist, administrator
Phone: 013 28 11 95
Email: emelie.nordqvist@liu.se

Visiting address: Campus US, Växthuset, level 10, house 511, entrance 75/78

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Last updated: 2020-07-07