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Infection Biology - Clinical Perspectives, 5 credits (8FO0046)

Infektionsbiologi - kliniska perspektiv, 5 högskolepoäng

Entries/Anmälan Infection Biology

Time: Week 17-22 2024 (half-time).

The course is given in English.



The main content of the course is current areas in infection biology, medical microbiology, and virology with a focus on interactions between humans and pathogenic microorganisms, and with a perspective on clinical and global medicine.




Admission Requirements

Entry requirement for studies on third-cycle education courses

  • second-cycle degree,
  • 240 credits in required courses, including at least 60 second-cycle credits, or
  • acquisition of equivalent knowledge in some other manner

For this course, the doctoral student is also required to have basic knowledge in microbiology, cell biology and immunology.


Course Literature

The course organiser will provide a list of relevant literature before the start of the course.


Course administration


Course coordinator and examiner: Elena Vikström  

Administrator: Ulla Svensson Bater

Page manager: siw.carlfjord@liu.se
Last updated: 2023-10-11