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Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), 3 hp (8FO0010)

Entries/Anmälan Good Laboratory Practice

Time: 3 days week 49 and 1 day week 50, 2020


Number of students: maximum 30

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course the students will be able to:

  • Describe why there are quality systemsDescribe GLPBe able to use GLPSee the possibilities for using the concept of GLP also in other activities


  • why GLPorganisation and accomplishment of studies instructions (Standard Operating Procedures) raw datainstrument computerised systemsreportingarchiving quality control quality assurance

Educational methods

Lectures, tutorial groups and seminars.The educational method used includes problem-based learning (PBL). PBL emphasises the student’s development of free, self-supporting, lifelong learning ability as an instrument for critical inquiry. The students own queries and formulated problems form the basis of PBL. Important is also the student’s ability to take responsibility for his/her own learning, and to seek and evaluate information and knowledge and to train co-operation and a flexible attitude to different views and ideas.The course is given in such a way that both men’s and women’s experiences and knowledge are made visible and developed.


1. Evaluation of a written report and an oral presentation on a given subject (a SOP or a research plan including GLP). 2. The ability of the student to answer theoretical questions (within the scope of the learning outcomes) posed by examining teachers during a seminar.Students who have failed the course or part of the course twice are entitled to request another examiner for the following examination occasion.

Admission Requirements

General requirementsAdmitted to education at research level (PhD-studies). Special requirementsNonePhD students are admitted according to the following priority order:1. PhD students registered at the Faculty of Health Sciences, or PhD students strongly connected to the Faculty of Health Sciences but registered at other faculties within Linköping University 2. PhD students registered at other faculties within Linköping University3. PhD students registered at other universitiesParticipation in the course of other students than above is only possible if there are fewer applicants from the above groups than students to be admitted.


Pass or Fail.

Course evaluation

Planning and implementation of the course shall be carried out on the basis of the wording in this course plan. The evaluation of the course should therefore consider the question how well the course agrees with the course plan. Written evaluation will be arranged at a scheduled time at the end of the course.


At the student’s request, course certificate may be issued by the course organiser.

Course Literature

Hand-out material.
A list of supporting material will be supplied.

Additional information

If the course is withdrawn, or is subject to major changes, examinations according to this course plan are normally offered on a total of at least three occasions within one year, one of them in close connection with the first examination.
The course is normally given in English.

Examinator: Per Hultman

Administrator: Sonia Lander

Sidansvarig: gkreta.mathioudaki@liu.se
Senast uppdaterad: 2020-08-10