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Epidemiology, 5 credits

Entries/Anmälan Epidemiology

Time: Spring 2021, weeks 15, 16 and 21.
Number of students: 15 - 25

Course description

Epidemiology can be described as the science of understanding disease patterns in populations and improving health by using this knowledge.

This course aims to teach the epidemiological toolbox, as most researchers in medicine will require the skills to interpret and critically evaluate evidence from epidemiological studies, including those who will never conduct epidemiological research.

The course will consist of instructor-led lectures and student-led seminars. The lectures will focus on the fundamentals of the epidemiological toolbox, while the seminars will explore its application on existing and planned research. The course allows the students to shape their learning around the medical subject which they are currently studying, and will, ideally, be a natural part of the students' research.

More information about the learning outcomes and formalities of the course can be found in the syllabus. A few weeks before the course begins the shared online space in LISAM will be updated with information regarding lectures, seminars, course activities, and reading material.

Course syllabus


Admission requirements

Entry requirement for studies on third-cycle education courses

  • second-cycle degree,
  • 240 credits in required courses, including at least 60 second-cycle credits, or
  • acquisition of equivalent knowledge in some other manner

Specific entry requirements for this course is approved course Basic Biostatistics (4 credits) or acquisition of equivalent knowledge in some other manner

Course Literature

The course organiser will provide a list of relevant literature before the start of the course.

Course language

The course is normally given in English.

Course administration

Course coordinator: Marcus Bendtsen

Examiner: Siw Carlfjord

Administrator: Kajsa Bendtsen



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