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Polopoly will be shut down December 15, 2023. Existing pages will have to be moved before or will be removed at that date. Empolyees may read more at FAQ Polopoly Avveckling

Third-cycle courses at Linköping University

Faculty of Science and Engineering

Faculty of Educational Sciences

Third-cycle courses at other Swedish universities

Karolinska Institutet

Faculty of Medicine, Lund

Sahlgrenska Akademin, Gothenburg

Faculty of Medicine, Umeå

Medicine and Pharmacy, Uppsala

Malmö University

Stockholm University

Dalarna University


Third-cycle Courses at other universities - open for application now

Internet-based Course in Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics

More courses in Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics

NDPIA course: Fundamentals of Basic and Applied Phage Biology


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Last updated: 2023-02-21