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Laboratory safety during distance mode

Due to the current ”distance mode” at Linköping University, and the subsequent decrease in laboratory work, there are work environment- and safety-related issues that need to be addressed. All work should be planned in dialogue with your PI/Head of Division.  For HR- and work environment related questions contact hr@bkv.liu.se. Follow the routine regarding working alone! Special rules apply for hazardous work, please read about it in the laboratory safety handbook: https://old.liu.se/medfak/bkv/arbetsmiljo/laboratoriesakerhetshandboken?l=en&sc=true

Checklist for laboratory safety

In order to ensure that a transition to ”distance mode” or in case of a possible future lock-down of the University, see the document ”Laboratory safety information /checklist at BKV during distance mode, lock down”.

Handling of body fluids and human tissue, covid-19

It is important to  handle all materials from patients with unknown infection status at risk level 2, in order to decrease the risk of infection during handling of body fluids and tissues. See more information in the document 'Handling body fluids and human tissue covid-19_ENG_200406.pdf'

For  laboratory safety related questions contact the Laboratory Safety Group at BKV.


Guidance for employees during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic


If possible, you should work from home, after approval from your immediate manager. If needed, equipment such as a monitor, keyboards etc can be brought home, but should be returned at the end of the homeworking period. Read more: https://insidan.liu.se/HR-Personal/coronavirus/arbeta-pa-distans?l=en&sc=true

Working at your workplace

Homeworking in some roles is likely to be impractical. If circumstances prevent you from homeworking you should have a dialogue with your immediate manager regarding working arrangements to avoid having too many persons in the lab or office at the same time.

Support and assistance

These changes in the work environment may have a negative effect on both the physical and psychosocial work environment. You should ensure that you are in regular contact with your immediate manager and let your immediate manager or HR manager know if you need any kind of support or assistance.


Changed rules regarding sick leave deductions and medical certificates during the first 14 days. Normal procedures apply for reporting sick leave. Read more: https://insidan.liu.se/HR-Personal/coronavirus/liu-s-riktlinjer?l=en&sc=true

HR-related questions

You are welcome to send HR-related questions to HR (HR@bkv.liu.se), or read more on LiU's website: https://insidan.liu.se/HR-Personal/coronavirus?l=en&sc=true

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Last updated: 2020-04-06