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More than 500 tons of waste leave LiU's campus each year. All of this waste is in principle sorted at source, apart from a small amount of large waste items, which is sent for treatment unsorted.All normal waste is used for energy extraction. The most important waste to sort out and deal with in the right way is so-called Hazardous waste, such as chemicals wast in laboratories and spent low-energy light bulbs.

The goal of LiU's work with waste and sorting at source is to reduce the amount of waste, reduce the amount of unsorted waste and to increase the proportion being recycled. The system for waste handling and sorting at source should be so clear and simple that LiU's premises are kept clear of litter. No less important is that labelling and information about waste handling is easily accessible and is designed in a comprehensible way.

You can read about the various waste fractions that are sorted at LiU under the heading Types of waste.

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Last updated: 2015-10-14