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Types of waste / Waste and material recycling

Here you can read about the various waste fractions that are sorted at LiU.

Combustible waste

Waste that can not be sorted out in any other fraction, such as post-it-notes and chewing gum, can be thrown into waste bins. 
It is important that hazardous waste, such as batteries and light bulbs, is not thrown in with the combustible waste.

Organic waste

Food waste such as fruit peel, food left overs and such can be sorted as organic waste in a number of buildings at campus Valla.

Office paper

Office paper should be thrown into recycling boxes in offices or in the correct fraction in the waste sorting furniture.


Packaging made from metal, plastic and paper shall be sorted at source according to the law. You find fractions for this waste in the waste sorting furnitures.

Glass recycling

Coloured and uncoloured glass can be sorted in some the waste sorting furnitures. China or mercury thermometers must not end up in the glass recycling.

Electronic waste

Electronic waste includes waste electrical products, such as computers, radio and televisions sets, video equipment, electrical motors, electrical cables, circuit boards, control and regulating equipment and CD-ROMs.
Please erase confidential information from all disks.

Fluorescent light tubes, light bulbs, low-energy light bulbs

Fluorescent light tubes are usually changed by technicians.

Fluorescent light tubes, light bulbs and low-energy light bulbs contain environmentally hazardous substances (lead, mercury) and should be handled separately. They are collected at locations indicated within the operation, or in waste sorting rooms (Valla), from where they are transported by the cleaning staff or the department for House Service.


Battery tubs are located in several places in each house for collecting spent batteries, including button cells. Fixed environmentally hazardous batteries should be handed in together with the equipment. 

Further information

If you have questions about where to sort your waste or an idea about waste sorting furniture, please se the Contact information (in Swedish).

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Last updated: 2016-03-14