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Welcome to the Laboratory safety Manual

The Laboratory safety Manual is intended as a support and tool for all laboratory activities at Linköping University and Region Östergötland (formerly Östergötland County Council, LiÖ)!
If you find something that is incorrect, links that don't work or if you have any questions - please do not hesitate to contact us! The easiest way of contact is by email to the page responsible person, see the bottom of each page.

Region Östergötland and Linköping University operate extensive and extremely varied laboratory activities that require permits, or are obliged to report, in accordance with the Swedish Environmental Code. In addition to the Environmental Code and its associated ordinances and statutes, laboratory operations are governed by a large number of other laws, ordinances and regulations issued by more than ten different government agencies.

Within the framework of the SAMS Agreement, the following manual has been established as operational support. The manual includes legal requirements, regulations and routines as well as interpretation, practical advice and tips on how to comply with legislation and regulations. More about laws and regulation applicable for different areas can be found under the headings to the left. The manual also contains contact information concerning experts and responsible officials, as well as links to other relevant information. This manual will be updated on a continuous basis.

Please note that this Laboratory Safety Manual is merely an information tool – the relevant legislation and government regulations must always be complied with.

If you have trouble opening documents or links - try opening the page (paste the URL) into another browser!


  • 2020-12-22: The inventory period 2021 will not start Jan 1st 2021 as usual. This is due to the restrictions to prevent the spread of covid-19 (Corona virus) infection. All appointed chemical inventory staff have received this information in a message through the chemical handling system KLARA, and will receive further information on how the inventory period will be carried out and which guidelines will apply at a later time. In the meantime, please visit the webpage on LiU:s actions and restrictions (https://insidan.liu.se/HR-Personal/coronavirus?l=en&sc=true) for updates on general restrictions in force.

  • 2020-12-02: NA new template for risk assessment of for example risk of infection during the covid-19 pandemic is available in Swedish at HR's website on riskassessment. The section is also up-dated with a figure to sammaries the process of asessing risks

  • 2020-11-27: New version on guidelines regarding handling body fluids and human tissue during the covid-19 pandemic available in Swedish in the section on Biosafety. English version is on the way.  

  • 2020-11-26: Information on lack of protective equipment and certain materials linked to the covid-19 pandemic available in a new section with general information on Protective equipment.

  • 2020-11-17: Up-dated information on activiteis before look-down or scenario were few work on site, avaialble in Swedish at Rutiner och instruktioner vid labb på LiU.  

  • 2020-11-11: New routine for purchase of chemicals; registration of purchases in KLARA continuously during the yyear, read more in the section on Management of chemicals, Purchase and manufacture.  

  • 2020-05-06: Updated information regarding medical check-ups when working with infectious agents, see link here

  • 2020-04-06: New guidelines regarding handling body fluids and human tissue during the covid-19 pandemic, read more in the Biosafety section.

  • 2020-01-15: Updated information regarding notification of work with or storage of infectious agents, read more in section about Biosafety.

  • 2019-12-18: Education "Fire protection training for LiU employees" is now available for spring 2020, one education will be in English.  

  • 2019-12-18 ducation "Fire protection training for LiU employees working in laboratories"  is now available for spring 2020 in Swedish.  

  • 2019-12-06: new version of the manual for taking inventories of chemcial products in KLARAis now available, se page on KLARA, the chemicals management system.

  • 2019-10-30: New routines at campus US regarding handling of waste consisting of tissues from humans or animals, se page on Biological waste.

  • 2019-06-26-27: up-dated URL:s to several authorities and Region Östergötland (CVU direkt). Up-dated information regarding Chemicals management coordinator at LiU on the pages Management of chemicals.

  • 2019-04-04: Up-dated the contact information on dangerous goods

  • 2019-03-04: Up-dated information on dangerous goods, safety advisers and so-called "exempt medical sample" as well as information on contracted carrier for LiU. 

  • 2019-02-06: Since February 1, 2019, Region Östergötland has taken over the operation of cleaning services and internal logistics at the University hospital (US) (what was previously called vaktmästeri/janitorial). In connection with these changes, the contact paths change, any direct numbers to cleaning and internal logistics are removed.

    To reach internal logistics and cleaning services, please contact CVU Direkt (formerly FIXA):
    telephone number +46 10-10 36 000 (internal within the region, the card number is 36 000)
    For external (also LiU), the web registration can be done on the healthcare provider web: https://vardgivarwebb.regionostergotland.se/Startsida/Verksamheter/CVU/Kundtjanst-and-kundstod/Kundtjanst-extern/

    Internal, with access to Region Östergötland's intranet can make a notification in the support and service portal.

  • 2019-01-23: Suggestions on were to buy labels with hazard pictogram according to CLP can now be found in the section Labelling of chemicals.

  • 2019-01-09: Up-dated links to information on new classification of substances as Narcotics or Goods hazardous to health

  • 2018-12-18: Minor changes in the routine for needlestick-, cut and splash injuries. Updated version of the routine is found in the Biosafety section under Emergencies and accidents (login with LiU-ID is required).

  • 2018-11-07: New provisions regarding infection risks (Smittrisker, AFS 2018:4) will enter into force November 19, 2018, and replace the current provisions regarding Microbiological work environment risks (Mikrobiologiska arbetsmiljörisker - smitta, toxinpåverkan, överkänslighet, AFS 2005:1). Here you can read about the changes (in Swedish).

  • 2018-10-12: Up-dated links to information on new classification of substances as Narcotics or Goods hazardous to health

  • 2018-09-10: Clarified information on reulation regarding narcotics

  • 2018-08-20: Amendment, up-dated URL for LiU's employees
    2018-08-13: Amendment, URL for RÖ
    's employees and up-dated URL for LiU's employees
    2018-06-08: New contacts for service, purchases and report an error etc. in the region of Östergötland and LiU's employees working within Region Östergötland or at campus US.

    From 2018-06-01, FIXA is instead called CVU Direct, and will give support regarding property, service and purchasing (as before). References in the Laboratory Safety Manual have been updated.

    CVU Direkt - customer support and service
    phone: +46 10-10 36 000 (or via the County Council switchboard at +46(0)101030000)

    URL för LiU's employees working within Region Östergötland or working at campus US:  Vårdgivarwebb (in Swedish, complete URL is https://vardgivarwebb.regionostergotland.se/Startsida/Verksamheter/FM-centrum/FM-Portalen-externt/
    URL för RÖ's employees: stodservice.lio.se


Previous news published in the laboratory safety manual are found here.



SAMS - cooperation agreement between LiU and Region Östergötland

LiU and Region Östergötland have collaborated for an extended period of time on many issues concerning education, research and health and medical care operations. The SAMS Agreement of 2008 is aimed at creating an organisation for collaboration and joint decisions on issues connected to Work Environment, Environment and Safety (SAMS in Swedish).
For more information on this agreement, contact names, working groups etc. please visit SAMS website.



Contact information

Any questions or views to express on this manual? Please contact:
Hanna Wessman - coordinator Laboratory safety
+46 (0)13-28 1564


The relevant subject pages in the manual include contact information for individuals and competence within each field.

Page manager: hanna.wessman@liu.se
Last updated: 2020-12-22