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Radiation protection

Radiation work is regulated, apart from the Work Environment Act, by special legislation, the Radiation Protection Act (SFS 2018:396) and Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) regulations. They specify the overall requirements of radiation protection organization, authorization, justification, competence / training and quality assurance, which is a prerequisite for good Radiation Safety culture and practice.

The Radiation Safety Handbook and its main document, the Radiation Safety Guidelines at Region Östergötland and Linköping University, provide the support documents for radiation protection managers and staff working with ionizing radiation for the implementation of radiation safety regulations.

For those laboratories that hold a Local Authorization, their contact person has to ensure that a full copy of the Radiation Safety Handbook, together with local appendices is available in the laboratory. See Appendix 3 The Local Radiation Safety Handbook.

The Radiation Safety Handbook is available, together with additional material, at this website

This document is available in four versions:

  • Web based in Swedish 
  • Web based in English (this version)
  • Electronic document (pdf) in Swedish
  • Electronic document (pdf) in English 

If discrepancies would occur, the web based Swedish version is valid.


Contact information

Radiation Protection Officer
Håkan Pettersson
Office tel: 010-103 17 52 (pager 1752)
Cell: 0733-795873

Radiation Protection Officer
Tobias Lindbergh
Office tel: 010 103 9666

Cell: 070-557 3919

Medical Physicist

Henrik Elgström

Office: 010-103 1775

Cell: 0730-253 334

Radiation Protection Section
Medical Radiation Physics
O-huset entrance 34, floor 08
University Hospital
581 85 Linköping

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