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Safe laboratory environment

In the laboratories chemicals, microorganisms or biological agents are widely used. In addition, work in the laboratory often include handling of electric equipment, pressurized equipment, equipment with laser, gases or sources of radiation. There are a number of regulations from different government agencies that regulate how to work safely in the laboratory. More about the laws, ordinances and regulations for different areas can be found under the headings to the left.

Laboratory work may involve a number of hazards to consider. A requirement, in all laws and regulations, is that risk assessments must be done before all work in the laboratory!

Under the heading Safe laboratory environment, information on work environment and safety in the lab from an organizational and regulatory perspective is available. At the pages with Specific Information (see http://www.liu.se/insidan/miljo/laboratoriesakerhetshandboken/om-amnessidorna?l=en&sc=true)you will find specific information related to certain topics or areas.




LiU and Region Östergötland have collaborated for an extended period of time on many issues concerning education, research and health and medical care operations. The SAMS Agreement is aimed at creating an organisation for collaboration and joint decisions on issues connected to Work Environment, Environment and Safety (SAMS in Swedish).



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Information on work environment and health at Liunet



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