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Infectious agents

Infectious agents are microorganisms, prions and human endoparasites that can cause infection in humans. Work with infectious agents are regulated in the provisions "Smittrisker" AFS 2018:4 (in Swedish) from The Swedish Work Environment Authority (Arbetsmiljöverket). More information on microorganisms and infectious agents is found in the Biosafety section of the Laboratory safety manual.


Medical check-ups including vaccination 

The employer is according to the provisions "Smittrisker" AFS 2018:4 to offer vaccination, medical preventative measures, check-ups and follow-ups if an employee has been exposed to or is under risk to be exposed to infectious agents at work.

Examples of such measures are medical examinations before and/or after the exposure, and the offer of vaccination to persons who are to work with infectious agents (when vaccination is available). Regarding vaccination the coworker should get information about advantages and disdvantages, and that vaccination does not always give full protection and that other protective measures therefore are needed also.    

In the event of an undesired event that may lead to infection, the employer is to ensure that the employee is immediately cared for, and that medical specialists assess whether prophylactic treatment or medical check-ups are necessary. See also “Routine for needlestick, cut and splash injury – risk for infection”.


guidelines & links to more information

 Arbetsmiljöverkets föreskrift Medicinska kontroller i arbetslivet, 2019:3 (Information form the Swedish Work Environment Authority in Swedish)

Occupational medical supervision 2005:6 (the old provision from the Swedish Work Environment Authority in English, but no longer in force)

General information on medical-check ups in English 


Guidelines for employers in Swedish: Vägledning för arbetsgivare om Medicinska kontroller


Information on regulations on work environment during pregnancy and breastfeeding




Information regarding occupational health at LiU, link here





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