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Fire in the laboratory

In the event of a fire act according to:

Save - those who are in immediate danger.
Warn - others who may be threatened by the fire. (Not necessary if fire alarm has been triggered).
Alarm - rescue services by calling 112 and telling them the location of the fire. Even if the fire alarm has been triggered!*
Extinguish - the fire if you assess this is possible and you have received training in doing so.
Close doors - to stop the spread of smoke and fire.

Do not risk your own life or the lives of others. Remember that smoke kills. Leave the building as quickly as possible.

More information can be found at: If the worst happens – what to do when the alarm goes

 * = by calling 112 and telling the location of the fire, the rescue services is notifiied that it is not a false alarm. When the rescue services are notified about the fire, they will turn out with highest prioiry, and send more than one vehicle.








SAMS - cooperation agreement between LiÖ (Östergötland County Council) and LiU (Linköping University)

LiU and Region Östergötland have collaborated for an extended period of time on many issues concerning education, research and health and medical care operations. The SAMS Agreement is aimed at creating an organisation for collaboration and joint decisions on issues connected to Work Environment, Environment and Safety (SAMS in Swedish).



SOS Alarm: 112 (or through the switchboard at LiU on 0112)





Marcus Lundgren 

Coordinator Fire Safety , LiU
+46 13-28 2521


Haapamäki Esa
Coordinator Fire Safety  Region Östergötland
+46 10-103 83 36 




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