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Handling of gas at the laboratory in case of fire or accident

If possible, turn off the gas in the lab or at an emergency valve. It is vital for all users to be familiar with how and where to turn off the gas in case of an emergency.

If there is risk of personal injury, immediately evacuate the building and move all personnel to a secure zone, close all doors and contact 112 (0112 via LiU's switchboard). Tell the rescue services about the type of gas concerned i.e. any hazardous characteristics plus which system is involved, central gas or gas tubes. Also state the number of gas tubes at the location and where the shut off valves are.

When using combustible or explosive gas, it is essential that the risk assessment describes for example what would happen during a power cut or ventilation stop. Are there sources of possible ignition? What would happen when power came back on as concerns sources of ignition?



SAMS - cooperation agreement between LiÖ (Östergötland County Council) and LiU (Linköping University)

LiU and Region Östergötland have collaborated for an extended period of time on many issues concerning education, research and health and medical care operations. The SAMS Agreement is aimed at creating an organisation for collaboration and joint decisions on issues connected to Work Environment, Environment and Safety (SAMS in Swedish).



SOS Alarm: 112 (or through the switchboard at LiU on 0112)





Marcus Lundgren 

Coordinator Fire Safety , LiU
+46 13-28 2521


Haapamäki Esa
Coordinator Fire Safety  Region Östergötland
+46 10-103 83 36 




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