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Region ÖStergötland (formerly Östergötland County Council) and Linköping University deal with an extremely large number of different chemicals and chemical products, some of them also in very large volumes. Research and education is implemented in close cooperation on Campus US where premises are shared by both organisations, and in many cases employees are also employed by both organisations. These two organisations have cooperated as concerns chemical issues since 2002 when a joint, web-based chemical management system was purchased.

Management of chemicals and chemical products is regulated in environmental and work environment legislation and in regulations issued by the Swedish Chemicals Agency, the Medical Products Agency and the Swedish Work Environment Authority. LiU and LiÖ must ensure that this extensive body of regulations is complied with. Poor chemical management may lead to damage to the environment or pose a potential threat to the work environment.

Chemical use in figures in May 2016

  • LiU had 8091 different types of chemical products: 5,4 ton, 860 m3 and 2700 kits.
  • Region Östergötland had 3363 different types of chemical products: 6,75 ton 655 m3 and 6230 kits.


more information

KLARA, the chemicals management system

Swedish Chemicals Agency

The Swedish Work Environment Authority

Candidate List of substances of very high concern

Substances restricted under REACH (Annex XVII to REACH)




Petra Hagstrand
Chemicals management coordinator & KLARA system administrator
+46 13-28 2033

Hanna Wessman
Coordinator laboratory safety, LiU
+46 13-28 1564


Elisabet Breti (Support, chemical management)
Region Östergötland
+46 10-103 75 96







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