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KLARA, the chemicals management system

Purpose of KLARA

KLARA is a web-based chemicals management system whose main aims are to:

  • provide all users of chemicals with extensive safety information about the hazards of the products. The system provides summaries of the risks and protection information, together with correct and updated materials safety datasheets from the relevant suppliers, without it being necessary to store these documents in physical folders.
  •  make it easier for all users of chemicals to make structured risk assessments. Employers have a legal responsibility to ensure that all potentially dangerous operations, in which there is a risk of ill-health or accident, are preceded by a risk assessment which is documented in writing.

  • comply with legislation relating to chemicals registers.

  • enable better control of the chemicals that are handled within the complete university and Region Östergötland. This is possible since the university and Region Östergötland can centrally obtain information about the volumes held of, for example products that are subject legal restrictions.

  • improve the availability of chemicals, in that all users of the system can see whether a product is already available within the university or Region Östergötland. It is possible in this way to borrow a product from a colleague and thus reduce the amounts of seldom-used products purchased.

  • provide a history over products used that may subsequently prove to be hazardous.

Legislation relating to the natural environment and the work environment requires that each workplace must maintain a list of chemical products used that are subject to labelling requirments (basically - all chemical products with a hazard pictogram). More information is available in Swedish in the “Förordningen (1998:901) om verksamhetsutövarens egenkontroll” and in the publication “Chemical Hazards in the Working Environment” from the Swedish Work Environment Authority, which is available through a link in the right column. 

The following functions can be found in KLARA

  • Inventory
  • Risk assessment tool
  • Purchase registration
  • Print out list of chemicals
  • Chemical search / product search
  • Label printing


Instructions for inventory 

regarding the inventory period 2022

Inventory of chemicals needs to be performed despite the ongoing pandemic, and was therefore initiated in January as usual. Due to the spread of covid-19 infection and wide spread sick leave during the winter, the period for inventory has been extended until 31 March, which coincides with the plan that the university will be back to normal operations from March onwards, see information on the intranet https://liuonline.sharepoint.com/sites/intranet-nyheter/SitePages/en/Vi-kommer-tillbaka.aspx


Planning of how the work with the inventory is to be carried out should be done together with the immediate manager to ensure that it can be carried in a safe manner, this includes that working alone must be avoided. An extensive sick leave at the work place may result in few members of staff on site. Therefore, work must be planned so that inventory staff can get in touch with someone in the event of an emergency. This means, for example, that an inventory should not be carried out during evenings and weekends or if they are alone on an entire floor.

Instructions for inventory in KLARA at LiU.

Information regarding so-called Archived/grey product in KLARA (in Swedish). 


Instructions for registration of purchases

Brief information on registration of purchases of
chemicals in KLARA


Instructions for product/chemical search

Instruction for easier product-search in long lists of products 


Instructions for label print 

Instruction for printing labels from KLARA, from April 2018 also smaller labels are available

Information regarding label-sheets available from supplier (in Swedish)


Instructions, manual for risk assessment

Manual, describing the module for risk assessment in KLARA


Instructions, miscellaneous 

New password management 

Instruction to retrieve list of CMR- produkcts (in Swedish)





Contact information

General e-mail adress for Region Östergötland:kemikaliehantering@regionostergotland.se 

General e-mail adress for LiUsdb@liu.se

Contact person: Petra Hagstrand, +46 13-28 20 33, petra.hagstrand@liu.se  




more information

KLARA, the chemicals management system

Swedish Chemicals Agency

The Swedish Work Environment Authority

Candidate List of substances of very high concern

Substances restricted under REACH (Annex XVII to REACH)




Petra Hagstrand
Chemicals management coordinator & KLARA system administrator
+46 13-28 2033

Hanna Wessman
Coordinator laboratory safety, LiU
+46 13-28 1564


Elisabet Breti (Support, chemical management)
Region Östergötland
+46 10-103 75 96







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