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Biosafety concerns safety within current microbiological activities. This includes the prevention of unintentional exposure to, and the emission of, pathogens, toxins and genetically-modified microorganisms.

Work with biological agents (e.g. bacteria, viruses and cell cultures) is controlled by an extensive body of regulations in order to avoid personal injury and damage to the environment. There is also a dedicated body of regulations for biological agents that are genetically modified (GMM = genetically modified microorganisms).

What does this have to do with me?

All use of GMM must, according to legislation, be risk assessed as risks may occur. The use of GMM must be classified according to protection level and then classified into one of the administrative categories F, L or R operations. All use of GMM must be reported to the Swedish Work Environment Authority and, in certain cases, permits must be obtained.

Also use of biological agents that are not genetically modified must be risk assessed and carry, in certain cases, the duty to report or apply for permit in order to use them. For biological agents in Risk Class 2 and higher, use must be reported (for risk class 2) or permits must be obtained (for Risk Classes 3 and 4) from the Swedish Work Environment Authority.

More information concerning the reporting of genetically modified microorganisms and biological agents can be found in the left menu.

Biosafety Committee at LiU and Region Östergötland

Linköping University and Region Östergötland (formerly the County Council of Östergötland) have established a joint Biosafety Committee. This Committee contains all the relevant competence necessary to manage central coordination and advisory services on biosafety issues that are not clearly covered in existing policy documents and guidelines. The Biosafety Committee is to work to ensure safe and environmentally-friendly management of infectious and genetically modified material within Region Östergötland and Linköping University operations, as well as monitoring compliance with current legislation and guidelines.

More information, in Swedish, about the Biosafety Committee


On the Swedish Work Environment Authority website there are detailed guidelines aimed at assisting those carrying out risk assessments, reporting or applying for permits for microorganisms and/or GMM.

Contact details

Charlotte Immerstrand, biosafety coordinator LiU

(on leave from August 22 2022)
013-28 58 16

Mats Söderström, biosafety coordinator LiU
013-28 68 70

Biosafety committee LiU/RÖ
Marie Larsson, chairperson
013-28 29 87

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