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GMM waste

All material containing genetically modified microorganisms (GMM) must be decontaminated before being reused or disposed of.

The decontamination is to take place as close to the source as possible with a validated method, for example autoclaving or chemical disinfection. In GMM R activities the decontamination needs to take place before the waste leaves the laboratory. The waste handling routine is to be approved by the Swedish Work Environment Authority in the process of notifying or applying for permit for use of GMM.

Handling at Campus Valla and Norrköping

There is no coordinated handling of GMM waste in place at these campuses. Therefore, the waste must be inactivated locally (in each laboratory). When the waste has been inactivated, it can normally be disposed of as combustible waste or poured into a sink, if there are no other risks with the waste that needs to be considered (such as chemicals, antibiotics or radioactivity).

Handling at Campus US

If the GMM waste is to be sent for inactivation, it is to be packed and labelled in the same manner as infectious waste UN 3291 (see section above “Infectious waste”).

More information

Routines for handling waste and hazardous waste within Region Östergötland available at Vårdgivarwebb (in Swedish)

Approved boxes etc for waste and hazardous waste - available within Region Östergötland (in Swedish) 



Contacts - LiU


CONTACTS - Region ÖStergötland, campus US

  • To order pick up of  waste from Recycling room ("Miljörum"): Use webform at Vårdgivarwebb Vårdgivarwebb, web form "webbanmälan städ och logisitik-tjänster på US" (complete URL:  https://vardgivarwebb.regionostergotland.se/Startsida/Verksamheter/CVU/kundtjanst/Kundtjanst-extern/  
    Type "liu" in the search field/box välj avdelning, then choose ”Linköpings Universitet (LiU) (extern)" and log on, choose the service you wish to order)

  • Or contact customer service ( Stöd och service )
    Phone: +46 (0)10-103 60 00
  • Håkan Petterson  - radiation protection officer
    Phone, office hours: +46 (0)10-103 17 52 (pager 1752)



Commercial documents & Labels - ABP, animal 

Documents are available in Swedish:
Handelsdokument där LiU-specifika uppgifter redan är ifyllda - för campus Valla, Norrköping

Handelsdokument där LiU-specifika uppgifter redan är ifyllda - för campus US


Labels are available in Swedish:

Etiketter för ABP-avfall, för campus Valla, Norrköping och US (ej CBR)


Etiketter för dissektionsavfall för campus Valla, Norrköping och US 


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