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New home page

Linköping University has launched a new website for external visitors. This home page, that you are currently visiting, is now staff pages, and web pages for the students who are taking our math courses.

New home page for the Department of Mathematics


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Public disputation in Computational Mathematics: Viktor Linders

Public Disputations - Department of Mathematics
Viktor Linders, at the Department of Mathematics, defends his thesis entitled "Error analysis for summation-by-parts formulations: dispersion, transmission and accuracy". Opponent is Mark Huitt Carpenter, Doctor, NASA Langley Research Ceenter, VA, USA.
Location: Ada Lovelace (former Visionen), B Building, entrance 27, level 2, Campus Valla
For more info see http://urn.kb.se/resolve?urn=urn:nbn:se:liu:diva-143059, contact Viktor Linders, e-mail viktor.linders@liu.se.

Seminar in Mathematical Statistics

Seminar - Department of Mathematics
Astrid Hilbert, Linnaeus University, Sweden. Title: Asymptotic Behaviour in Time of a Singular Stochastic Newton Equation.
15:15 - 16:15
Location: Hopningspunkten, B Building, entrance 23-25, Campus Valla
For more info see https://old.liu.se/mai/seminarier/seminarier-i-matematisk-statistik?l=sv, contact Torkel Erhardsson, e-mail torkel.erhardsson@liu.se.


Seminar in Optimization

Seminar - Department of Mathematics
Andreas Westerlund, Jeppesen Systems AB, Gothenburg, Sweden. Title: Column generation for airline crew rostering: practical considerations in a production system.
Location: Hopningspunkten, B Building, entrance 23-25, Campus Valla
For more info see https://old.liu.se/mai/seminarier/seminarier-i-optimeringslara?l=sv, contact Oleg Burdakov, e-mail oleg.burdakov@liu.se.


The 4th International Conference on Optimization Methods and Software

Conference - Department of Mathematics
2017-12-16 -- 2017-12-20 The conference is organized in relation to the 25th anniversary of the journal Optimization Methods and Software (OMS) observed in 2017. Optimization and inverse problems are the main topics.
Location: University of Havana, Cuba
For more info see http://wias-berlin.de/workshops/oms2017/index.html, contact Oleg Burdakov, e-mail oleg.burdakov@liu.se.

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