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Student Service Desk at the Department of Mathematics (MAI)

The student service desk is located in B Building at Campus Valla, entrance 23, room 2A:615, on the first floor in the A-corridor.

Map of MAI

Phone: 013-28 28 63
E-mail: expedition@mai.liu.se


The exams are available at the student service desk after the occasion for questions, held by the examiner. If, when and where the examiner will have an occasion for question, please see the course hompage/Lisam.

If you just want to have a look at your exam, and are unable to come to the student service desk, please e-mail to expedition@mai.liu.se. The subject of the email should be the course code of the exam you want to be scanned. Enter course code, exam date, your name and your program in the email. We scan your exam and send as pdf.

Exams are saved for two years after the writing.


Opening hours

Monday-Friday between 12:15-13:15.


Days (monday - friday) the rest of 2019 without opening hours:

21th of June, Midsummer Eve
1st of July - 9th of August during this time we can be reached (limited extent) by e-mail
st of November
20th - 31st of  December


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Last updated: 2019-06-11