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Torsdag 17 maj 2018, Daniel Petersson, Veoneer

Seminariet är ett samarrangemang med Seminarier i Optimeringslära

Talare:  Daniel Petersson, Veoneer

Titel: Eyes for self-driving cars

Tid och plats: Torsdag 17 maj 2018, Hopningspunkten, 10:15

Sammanfattning: The development of technical systems has in many ways been dramatically changed during the last years through the breakthrough of deep learning. Traditional machine learning techniques using hand-crafted features have been successful for many applications, such as object detection in vision systems. However, the deep learning framework often enables higher performance, shared computations between different applications, and the ability to solve more advanced problems such as autonomous driving.

In the seminar, I will share experiences from the Veoneer development of vision systems for cars, such as data driven development and how the new advancements in the field of deep learning affect our products/services, as well as our ways of working.



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