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Konferenser anordnade av MAI

Conformal Geometry and Low Dimensional Manifold

Ávila, Spanien, 13-17 juli 2020

The conference will be devoted to the mathematics Antonio F. Costa has worked with, with special focus on Riemann and Klein surfaces, i.e. complex and real curves, automorphisms of surfaces, group actions on surfaces, Grothendieck theory of dessins d’enfants, topological properties of moduli spaces of complex curves and surfaces, knots and low dimensional manifolds.

The conference will be held in honour of Professor Antonio F. Costa, National Distance Education University (UNED), Madrid, on the occasion of his 60th birthday.

Workshop in Algebra and Noncommutative Geometry

Linköpings universitet, 27-28 september 2018

The main themes lie within the area of noncommutative/nonassociative algebra and noncommutative geometry. The workshop is the first meeting of the Swedish Network for Algebra and Geometry.  

Third Network Meeting for Sida- and ISP-funded PhD Students and Postdocs in Mathematics

Kampala, Uganda, 20-24 augusti 2018

Tema: Strengthening Research in Mathematics in Universities with Sida and ISP Support

Provide a forum for interaction between PhD students, Postdoctoral fellows, mentors, supervisors and researchers in mathematics with a view of sharing experiences and creating sustainable research groups and networks.

Second Network Meeting for Sida- and ISP-funded PhD Students in Mathematics

Sida, Stockholm, 27-27 februari 2018

The purpose of the meeting is to bring together PhD students and postdocs in mathematics supported by Sida (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency) and ISP to build networks, to share experiences and visions and to learn about each other’s research.


Tidigare år:

The 4th International Conference on Optimization Methods and Software, Havanna, Kuba, 16-20 december 2017

SOAK 2017, Linköpings universitet, 19-20 oktober 2017

The First East African Conference on Mathematical Statistics with Applications, University of Rwanda, 14-16 juni 2017

Meeting of the Catalan, Spanish, Swedish Math Societies (CAT-SP-SW-MATH), Umeå universitet, 12-15 juni 2017
(Länk i DiVA: http://urn.kb.se/resolve?urn=urn:nbn:se:liu:diva-148489)

Workshop: Geometric Analysis on Metric Spaces, Linköpings universitet, 22-24 maj 2017

Workshop: Mathematics in Biology and Medicine, Linköpings universitet, 11-12 maj 2017
(Länk i DiVA: http://urn.kb.se/resolve?urn=urn:nbn:se:liu:diva-151460)

First Network Meeting for Sida- and ISP-funded PhD Students in Mathematics, Sida, Stockholm, 7-8 mars 2017

PDEs, Potential Theory and Function Spaces, Linköping, Linköping, 14-18 juni 2015

Linköping Spring Seminar in Mathematics Education: Goals and objectives in mathematics education, Linköping, 22 maj 2015

LinStat2014, Linköping, 24-28 augusti 2014

Alumniträff för disputerade i matematik, Linköping, 13 september 2013

Nätverkskonferens för administrativa chefer 2013, Norrköping, 27-28 augusti 2013

Riemann and Klein Surfaces, Symmetries and Moduli Spaces, Linköping, 24-28 juni 2013

Inverse problems and applications, Linköping, 2-6 april 2013

Workshop: Applied Mathematics and Automatic Control, Linköping, 17 januari 2013

GR Sweden meeting i Linköping in memory of Brian Edgar, Linköping, 19-21 maj 2011

Alumniträff för disputerade i matematik, Linköping, 9 september 2011

Workshop: Harmonic analysis and elliptic PDEs, Linköping, 1 oktober 2010

Workshop on Inverse Problems, Data and Mathematical Statistics and Ecology, II, 25-27 augusti 2010

Workshop on Inverse Problems, Data and Mathematical Statistics and Ecology, I, Linköping, 20-21 maj 2010

Inverse Problems and Applications, Norrköping, 3 maj 2010

Matematik och Astronomi - en lång sällskapsresa, Linköping, 14 oktober 2009

Alumniträff för disputerade i matematik, Linköping, 12 september 2009

Nonlinear problems for $\Delta_p$ and $\Delta$, Linköping, 10-14 augusti 2009

Relativity Meeting, Linköping, 4 augusti 2009

Inverse Problems and Applications, Norrlöping, 16 december 2008

Geometry and Relativity Meeting, Linköping, 4 december 2007

Eulerfest - Firande av Eulers 300-årsdag, Linköping, 24 oktober 2007

Geometry and Relativity Meeting, Linköping, 26-27 april 2007

Forskarskolans jubileumskonferens, Linköping, 25-26 oktober 2006

Workshop i tillämpad matematik, Linköping, 17-18 oktober 2006

Geometry and Topology of Low Dimensional Manifolds, El Burgo de Osma, Spanien, 31 augusti - 2 september 2006
(A Satellite Conference to the International Congress of Mathematicians, Madrid 2006)

Geometry and Relativity Meeting, Linköping, 14-15 juni 2006

Sonja-Kovalevsky-dagarna, Matematikdagar för gymnasister, Linköping, 11-12 november 2005

Matematikbiennetten, Linköping, 16 april 2005

Geometry and Relativity Meeting, Linköping, 18 februari 2005

Konferens om icke-linjära elliptiska PDE, Linköping, 14-16 oktober 2004

Workshop i tillämpad matematik, Linköping, 30-31 augusti 2004

General Relativity Meeting, Linköping, 23 april 2004

Workshop on Separability Theory of Differential Equations, Linköping, 12-16 januari 2004

State-of-the-art of classical separability theory for differential equation, Linköping, 6-11 januari, 2004

International Conference on Formal Power Series and Algebraic Combinatorics FPSAC'03, Linköping, 23-27 juni 2003

General Relativity Meeting, Linköping, 3 juni 2003

Geometry and Relativity Day, Linköping, 19 december 2002

Matematikbiennalen, Norrköping, 24-26 januari 2002

Gravitation Section/GRSweden meeting, Linköping, 14-15 november, 2001

Conference in Mathematical Analysis on the occasion of Lars Inge Hedberg's 65th birthday, Linköping, 14 December 2000

GRSweden Meeting, Linköping, 30-31 maj 2000


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