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Linköping Spring Seminar in Mathematics Education

Goals and objectives of mathematics education

Linköping University, 22 May 2015

The increasing influence of quantitative international and national tests and comparisons in mathematics education on current policy discourse about the importance of STEM subjects in school, raises the issue of the goals of teaching and learning mathematics at different school levels. What are the rationales behind the prominent position given to mathematics in school curricula worldwide? How and why have they changed over time?

Apart from the official goals set up for compulsory and further mathematics education, sometimes found in regulative texts along with their justifications, one finds in curriculum documents also more specific objectives for the teaching and learning of mathematics, linking to the classroom work with content matter aimed to lead to the fulfillment of the goals. In curriculum texts from various countries, these are detailed to very different extents, both concerning the specificity of the content and issues related to pedagogy.

In this seminar official, unofficial and ‘real’ goals of mathematics education will be explored. Invited researchers with experiences from different countries will contribute to the discussion.

The seminar is arranged to the honor of Professor Christer Bergsten, recently retired as Emeritus.

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