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Selected articles on well posed problems and numerical approximation/
Valda artiklar om välställdhet och numerisk approximation

Number of credits: 5 hp

Examiner: Jan Nordström

Course literature: The underlined articles in the attached file.

PDF ikonPublications

The topics covered will be:

  • Well-posedness of initial boundary value problems (4 articles, no: 5,22,60, 69)
  • Standard SBP-SAT techniques (6 articles, no: 8,19,21,27,64,71)
  • Interfaces + boundary conditions (3 articles, no: 17,48,52)
  • Special features/stability/Laplace technique (3 articles, no: 25,31,33)
  • Duality (3 articles, no: 55,62,68)
  • Multi-physics (2 articles, no: 49,46)
  • Finite Volume+Hybrid methods (3 articles, no: 16,29,30)

Organisation: Reading course.

Examination: For an approved course the student has to:

  • Take the main responability for three designed articles.
  • Make a revision of each article assigned, point out strength, weaknesses and future improvements. At least two pages of a nice latex pdf must be delivered.
  • Make a 10 min presentation of the article, and point out strength, weaknesses and future improvements.
  • Read all articles, and be an active part of the audience, i.e. pose at least one question.

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