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Integration theory, part 2

Number of credits: 5 hp

Examiner: Tomas Sjödin

Course literature: Tomas Sjödin: Integration theory (lecture notes), R.F. Bass: Real analysis for graduate students.

Course contents: Stone’s theorem. Product measures and iterated integrals, Fubini’s theorem. Different convergence concepts: convergence in measure, almost uniform convergence and convergence in L^1 norm. Signed measures and differentiation, the Lebesgue decomposition and the Radon-Nikodym theorem. Introduction to L^p spaces.

Organisation: Lectures combined with a reading course.

Examination: Homework assignments.

Prerequisites: Calculus TATA41, TATA42, TATA43 or similar. Functional analysis TATA85 or similar. Integration theory, part 1.

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