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Dirichlet Forms and Spectral Theory (reading course)

Number of credits: 10 hp

Examiner: Jörg-Uwe Löbus

Course literature: [1] Zhi-Ming Ma, Michael Röckner, Introduction to the theory of (non-symmetric) Dirichlet forms, Springer 1992, chap. 1-5 [2] Hans Triebel, Higher Analysis, J.A. Barth, 1992, chap. 4.

Course contents: semigroup theory and Dirichlet forms, potential theory and Dirichlet forms, Markov processes and Dirichlet forms, characterization of particular processes; selfadjoint operators, spectral representation, - of general and particular selfadjoint operators and their domains, Sobolev spaces and selfadjoint operators.

Organisation: 1-2 consultations per week.

Examination: Oral exam, hand in assignment.

Prerequisites: Master in Mathematics or equivalent.

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