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Fredholm theory, singular integrals and T(b) theorems/
Fredholmteori, singulära integraler och T(b)-satser

Number of credits: 8 hp

Examiner: Andreas Rosén (fd Axelsson)

Course literature: Lecture notes (handed out during the course). Literature references on the course homepage.

Course contents: Linear integral equations, weakly singular integral operators, Fredholm operator theory, compact operators, perturbation theory for Fredholm operators, singular integral operators (SIO), classical SIO theory: Fourier transform + Calderón-Zygmund decomposition, modern SIO theory: T(1) and T(b) theorems, Haar wavelets, paraproducts and perfect dyadic SIOs.

Organisation: Lectures.

Examination: Hand-in assignments and oral examination.

Prerequisites: Functional analysis and Fourier/harmonic analysis.

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Last updated: 2014-04-29