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Bayesian Networks/
Bayesianska nätverk

Number of credits: 6 hp

Examiner: John Noble

Course literature: Bayesian Networks; an Introduction by T. Koski and J. Noble (Wiley, 2009).

Course contents:

  • Probabilistic reasoning: Bayes rule, Jeffrey's rule, Pearl's method of Virtual Evidence, Multinomial sampling and the Dirichlet integral.
  • Conditional independence, graphs and d- separation, Bayesian networks, Markov equivalence for graph structures.
  • Hard evidence, soft evidence, virtual evidence; Jeffrey's rule and Pearl's method.
  • Decomposable graphs, junction trees and chain graphs.
  • Learning the conditional probability potentials for a given graph structure.
  • Learning the graph structure: the Chow-Liu tree, the Minimum Maximum Hill Climbing algorithm.
  • Parametrising the network and sensitivity to parameter changes.
  • Causality and Intervention Calculus.
  • The junction tree and probability updating.
  • Factor graphs and the sum product algorithm.

Organisation: 12 lectures, two lectures per week, in HT1.

Examination: 6 written / computer assignments, one per week, distributed during the course.

Prerequisites: Basic probability theory is necessary, some graph theory is helpful.

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