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Singular Integral Operators on Lipschitz Surfaces

Numer of credits: 8 hp

Examiner: Vladimir Kozlov

Course literature: See below. Also various articles.

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Course contents: Singular integral operators. Riesz transforms. Operators of Calderón-Zygmund type. Pseudodifferential operators. Boundary Integral Methods and Layer Potentials. Riesz potentials. Lp-boundedness of the Cauchy integral operator on Lipschitz curves: different approaches. Layer Potentials on Lipschitz domains. BMO and the T1 theorem. Lp-results for Laplace equaion in Lipschitz domains.


Examination: Written and oral.

Prerequisites: MAI0001 Distributionsteori, MAI0063 Komplex analys, NM1002 Fourieranalys, MAI0067 Integrationsteori, MAI0065 Funktionalanalys (or equivalent courses).

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