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Basic Programming and Matlab

Number of credits: 4 hp

Examiner: Fredrik Berntsson

Course literature: Desmond J.Higham & Nicholas J.Higham, Matlab Guide, Second Edition, 2005.

Course contents: Programming in Matlab: Vectors, matrices, conditional statements (if, switch), repetition statements (for, while), strings, I/O constructs, structs, functions and subroutines, curve plotting.

Problems: Computing sums, iteratation, root finding, sorting algorithms, sparse matrix representation.

The course intends to provide basic knowledge of programming language constructs in the Matlab language, and also show how Matlab can be used for solving common mathematical problems.

After completing the course the student should be able to

  • describe, and apply, common programming language constructs such as conditional- and repetition statements, and functions,
  • design and implement mathematical algorithms, carry out computational tasks, and visualize data, using MATLAB,
  • understand the use of recursion when implementing sorting algorithms in Matlab,
  • understand and use composite data types, such as the struct and cells.

Organisation: Seminars: 8x2h. Computer exercises: 8x2h.

Examination: Computer exercises, assignments.


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