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Commutative Algebra/
Kommutativ algebra

Number of credits: 8 hp

Examiner: Leif Melkersson

Course literature: "Introduction to commutative algebra" by Sir Michael ATIYAH and Ian MACDONALD, originally published in 1969, but published in a new paperback edition in 1994. .

Course contents: Rings, ideals and homomorphisms. Modules. Tensor products and flatness. Rings and modules of fractions. Localization. Integral dependance. Chain conditions. Primary decomposition. Discrete valuation rings. Dedekind domains. Completions of rings and modules. Graded rings and modules. Dimension theory. Hilbert functions and Hilbert polynomials. Systems of parameters. Regular local rings.

Organisation: The teaching consists of lectures and (as part of the examination) solving of exercises.

Examination: Excercises.

Prerequisites: As prerequisities we just assume a good knowledge of linear algebra, the basic properties of the integers and of polynomials in one variable.

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