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Theory of integration

Number of credits: 7.5 hp

Examiner: Jana Björn

Course literature:

Course contents: Measure and integration: measurable sets, measures, simple functions, Lebesgue measure. Product measures and the Fubini theorem. Differentiation of measures, absolute continuity and the Randon-Nikodym theorem. Radon measures and the Riesz representation theorem. L^p-spaces and their properties.

Organisation: Lectures combined with reading course and problem solving.

Examination: Solving assigned problems.

Prerequisites: Calculus TATA41, TATA42, TATA43 or similar. TATA01 Real Analysis, Honours Course, and Functional Analysis TATA85 or similar are recommended.

Sidansvarig: karin.johansson@liu.se
Senast uppdaterad: 2014-08-25