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Theory of distributions/

Credits: 7.5 hp

Examiner: Bengt Ove TuressonLaurent Schwartz

Recommended literature: G. Friedlander, M. Joshi: Introduction to the theory of distributions, Cambridge University Press 1999.

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Course contents: Distributions, operations, the direct product, convolution, rapidly decreasing functions, the Fourier transform, tempered distributions, periodic distributions, the Poisson summation formula, Shannon's sampling theorem, the Paley-Wiener theorem, fundamental solutions, the Ehrenpreis-Malgrange theorem, elliptic PDEs.

Organisation: LecturesFriedlander, Joshi: Introduction to the theory of distributions

Examination: Assignments

Prerequisites: TATA20 Fourieranalys, NMAD03 Integrations- och måtteori, NM1001 Funktionalanalys II (or equivalent courses).

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