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Nonlinear optimization, equations and least squares/
Olinjär optimering, ekvationer och minsta kvadratmetoden

(Earlier/tidigare MAI0008)

This course has been recommended by LiTH FoFu-nämnden as a "Fakultetsgemensam forskarutbildningskurs".

Number of credits: 9 hp


Course literature: Jorge Nocedal and Stephen J. Wright: Numerical Optimization, Springer, 2nd ed., 2006.

Course contents: Unconstrained optimization, constrained optimization, systems of simultaneous nonlinear equations, nonlinear least squares. Students will get acquaintance with the most effective numerical methods, many of which have been developed only in recent years.

Organisation: One lecture a week. Each topic is covered twice - first by the lecturer, then at the next meeting by a couple of students. Their presentation is followed by discussions.

Examination: Active participation (at least 85% attendance), presentation of the course topics.

Prerequisites: Basic calculus, numerical linear algebra and optimization. Any gap in the background can be closed by students at the beginning of the course by intensive self-study with a help of the lecturer.

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