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Operator Theory

Number of credits: 8 hp

Examiner: Evgeniy Lokharu

Course literature: M. Reed, B. Simon, ”Methods Of Modern Mathematical Physics”, Vol.1, Academic Press, 1981.

Supplementary literature: E. Kreyszig, ”Introductory Functional Analysis with Applications”, Wiley, 1989.

Course contents: This course covers selected topics of spectral theory of linear operators in Hilbert and Banach spaces. A special attention will be paid to examples and applications. The following topics are included:

  • Bounded linear operators in Hilbert and Banach spaces.
  • Spectrum and Resolvent.
  • Compacts operators.
  • Fredholm operators.
  • Fredholm Alternative.
  • Self-Adjont operators.

Organisation: Lectures and problem solving seminars.

Examination: Exercises (assignments).

Prerequisites: The course requires some basic knowledge from Functional Analysis (Normed spaces, Bounded operators and Functionals).


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