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Research school in interdisciplinary mathematics

The purpose of the Research school

  • To renew the postgraduate education in applied mathematics through a research school with a wider applied/interdisciplinary profile than has been the case previously. The postgraduate programme is intended for students with a strong mathematical interest who also want to work actively with a problem that is clearly connected to an applied subject/science.
  • To increase the basis for recruitment and stabilize the funding of postgraduate students for MAI, thereby meeting the need for recruiting new teachers that will be necessary within a decade.
  • To create new research contacts over subject- and institution boundaries, between mathematicians and representatives for applied subjects and sciences. Also, to support research groups with coworkers that are competent within different disciplines and through this increase the possibilities for new break-throughs within science and technology.
  • To increase the external research funding to MAI, focussed on the subject applied mathematics, and involve a larger portion of the lecturers in externally visible research and supervision.
  • The postgraduate exam should of course provide a start for a career within industry or research institutes, but also be a natural basis for a lecture-ship in mathematics/applied mathematics, especially at a technical faculty. It is also possible that it can start off a lecturer/researcher career in an applied subject.


If you want to get in touch with a mathematician but are uncertain who to turn to, please contact the director of the research school.

If you prefer somebody closer to your own subject, feel free to contact the appropriate person in the steering committe.


Interdisciplinary Seminars


Workshop 2017

Workshop: Mathematics in Biology and Medicine

11-12 May 2017


The steering committe

Magnus Herberthson
(MAI, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics)

Martin Singull
Assistant director
(MAI, Mathematical Statistics)

Magnus Borga

Anders Hansson

Peter Jonsson

Anders Klarbring

Torbjörn Larsson
(MAI, Optimization)

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