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Plenary Speakers Sessions

The auditorium for the plenary speakers sessions is Hörsal A, Lindellhallen at Campus Umeå.

Special Sessions

All rooms for the special sessions are in MIT-huset at Campus Umeå.

Room Special session Afternoons
MA346 1. Mathematical Biology Wed.-Thu.
MC413 2. Algebraic Geometry and Commutative Algebra Tue., -Thu.
MA136 3. Nonlinear PDEs Tue., -Thu.
MA346 4. SPDEs: From Theory to Simulation Tue
MA146 5. Numerical Semigroups and Applications Tue., -Thu.
MA156 6. Numbers in Number Theory Tue., -Thu.
MA166 7. Loci of Riemann and Klein Surfaces with Automorphisms Tue., -Thu.
MA176 8. Time-Frequency Analysis and Pseudo-Differential Operators Tue., -Thu.
MC313 9. Graphs, Hypergraphs and Set Systems Tue., -Thu.
MA378 10. Non-Commutative Algebras Tue., -Thu.
MA356 11. Homotopy Theory

Tue., -Thu.


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