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Events this year


Public disputation in Language and Culture: Johanna Vernqvist

Public Disputations - Institutionen för kultur och kommunikation
Johanna Vernqvist, at the Department of Culture and Communication, defends her thesis entitled, ”The Androgyne and the Phoenix Marguerite de Navarre and Gaspara Stampa: Gendering Early Modern Debates on Love”. Opponent is Nancy Frelick, Associate Professor, University of British Columbia, Vancouver.
Location: KEY1, The Key Building, Campus Valla
For more info see https://liu.se/forskning/forskningsmiljon-sprak-och-kultur, contact Agnese Grisle, e-mail agnese.grisle@liu.se.

IAS Seminar

Seminar - IAS – The Institute for Analytical Sociology - Department of Management and Engineering
Ridhi Kashyap from Nuffield College, University of Oxford gives a seminar with the title "Measuring global gender inequality indicators with online data". The seminar is open for everyone. Coffe and tea is provided.
11:00 - 12:30
Location: KO301 Kopparhammaren 2
For more info see https://liu.se/en/article/seminarier-och-forelasningar-vid-ias, contact Madelene Töpfer, e-mail madelene.topfer@liu.se, phone 011-36 32 91.


PhD defense of Christian Andersson Naesseth, Automatic Control

Public Disputations - Linköpings universitet
Defence of Doctoral Thesis at Automatic Control, LiTH, 2018-12-14 Title: Machine learning using approximate inference: Variational and sequential Monte Carlo methods Respondent: Christian Andersson Naesseth Opponent: Reader Iain Murray, University of Edinburgh Supervisor: Professor Thomas Schön, Linköping University and Uppsala University Co-supervisors: Associate Professor Fredrik Lindsten, Uppsala University Date: 2018-12-14 Time: 10:15-13:00 Place: Ada Lovelace, B building Language: English Abstract: Automatic decision making and pattern recognition under uncertainty are difficult tasks that are ubiquitous in our everyday life. The systems we design, and technology we develop, requires us to coherently represent and work with uncertainty in data. Probabilistic models and probabilistic inference gives us a powerful framework for solving this problem. Using this framework, while enticing, results in difficult-to-compute integrals and probabilities when conditioning on the observed data. This means we have a need for approximate inference, methods that solves the problem approximately using a systematic approach. In this thesis we develop new methods for efficient approximate inference in probabilistic models. There are generally two approaches to approximate inference, variational methods and Monte Carlo methods. In Monte Carlo methods we use a large number of random samples to approximate the integral of interest. With variational methods, on the other hand, we turn the integration problem into that of an optimization problem. We develop algorithms of both types and bridge the gap between them. First, we present a self-contained tutorial to the popular sequential Monte Carlo (SMC) class of methods. Next, we propose new algorithms and applications based on SMC for approximate inference in probabilistic graphical models. We derive nested sequential Monte Carlo, a new algorithm particularly well suited for inference in a large class of high-dimensional probabilistic models. Then, inspired by similar ideas we derive interacting particle Markov chain Monte Carlo to make use of parallelization to speed up approximate inference for universal probabilistic programming languages. After that, we show how we can make use of the rejection sampling process when generating gamma distributed random variables to speed up variational inference. Finally, we bridge the gap between SMC and variational methods by developing variational sequential Monte Carlo, a new flexible family of variational approximations.
10:15 - 13:00
Location: Ada Lovelace
For more info see http://www.isy.liu.se, contact Ninna Stensgård, e-mail ninna.stensgard@liu.se.

The Pedagogical Club and the Mathematical Colloquium

Seminar - Department of Mathematics
Antonio F. Costa, UNED (Madrid). Title: Mathematics and E-learning.
13:15 - 15:00
Location: Kompakta rummet, B Building, entrance 23, ground floor, Campus valla
For more info see https://liu.se/artikel/matematiska-kollokviet, contact Milagros Izquierdo, e-mail milagros.izquierdo@liu.se.


Dissertation Semiconductor materials, IFM

Public Disputations - The Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology
Louise Lilja defends her PhD thesis ”4H-SiC epitaxy investigating carrier lifetime and substrate off-axis dependence”. Opponent is Professor Ulrike Grossner, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland.
Location: Planck
For more info contact Peder Bergman, e-mail peder.bergman@liu.se, phone 013-28 23 82.


Biology - Maria Lundström

Public Disputations - The Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology
Maria defends her thesis "Exploring Fennoscandian agricultural history through genetic analysis of aged crop materials". Opponent is Professor Mattias Jakobsson, Uppsala University.
Location: Planck, Physics building
For more info see http://ifm.liu.se, contact Jenny Hagenblad, e-mail jenny.hagenblad@liu.se.

Johan Falkenjack's licentiate presentation

Seminar - Department of Computer and Information Science, graduate education
Johan Falkenjack, HCS/IDA, presents his licentiate thesis "Towards a Model of General Text Complexity for Swedish". Main Supervisor: Professor Arne Jönsson. Opponent: Dr. Robert Östling, Stockholm University, Sweden
Location: Alan Turing, hus E, Campus Valla
For more info contact Anne Moe, e-mail anne.moe@liu.se, phone 013-281460.

PhD Defence in Computer Science - Arian Maghazeh

Public Disputations - Department of Computer and Information Science, graduate education
Arian Maghazeh, SAS/IDA, defends for the PhD degree, his thesis "System-Level Design of GPU-Based Embedded Systems". Main supervisor: Professor Zebo Peng. Opponent: Prof. Dr. Akash Kumar, Technische Universität Dresden, Germany
Location: Ada Lovelace, building B, Campus Valla
For more info see http://urn.kb.se/resolve?urn=urn:nbn:se:liu:diva-152469, contact Anne Moe, e-mail anne.moe@liu.se, phone 013-281460.


Dissertation Berit Gustafsson

Public Disputations - Department for Clinical and Experimental Medicine
Berit Gustafsson will defend her PhD thesis "Identifying Patterns of Emotional and Behavioural Problems in Preschool Children - Facilitating Early Detection and Intervention". Opponent: Professor Eva Billstedt, Göteborgs University.
13:00 - 13:00
Location: Belladonna, house 511, Campus US
For more info contact Per Gustafsson, e-mail per.a.gustafsson@liu.se .


Dissertation Cecilia Fredlund

Public Disputations - Department for Clinical and Experimental Medicine
Cecilia Fredlund will defend her PhD thesis "Adolescents selling sex and sex as self-injury". Opponent: Professor Gun Helmer, Uppsala University.
09:00 - 09:00
Location: Berzeliussalen, Campus US, entrance 65, level 9
For more info contact Laura Korhonen, e-mail laura.korhonen@liu.se .


Defence in Mathematics: Budor Shuaib

Public Disputations - Department of Mathematics
Budor Shuaib defends her doctoral thesis entitled "Ghostpeakons". Opponent is Erik Wahlén, Docent, Lund University.
Location: Nobel BL32, B Building, entrance 23, ground floor, Campus Valla
For more info see http://urn.kb.se/resolve?urn=urn:nbn:se:liu:diva-149805, contact Budor Shuaib, e-mail budor.shuaib@liu.se.



Seminar - Department of Technology and Social Change
For more info contact Eva Danielsson, e-mail eva.danielsson@liu.se, phone 013-28 21 71.

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