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How to use the Events Board

Linköping University’s Events Board is the university’s info hub. Here you can find out about everything that is going on at the university – from small seminars to royal visits. But it is important that events are entered correctly.

Screenshot from the Events BoardAdd new event

To add an event, go to the central Events Board (English version http://www.liu.se/liu-nytt/kalendarium?l=en  or Swedish version http://www.liu.se/liu-nytt/kalendarium?l=sv). Use your LiU ID to log in.






1. Information:

Rubrik (Heading):
Write a short heading – not the entire title of a doctoral thesis, for instance.

Keep in mind:

  • If the event is part of a series, make this clear. For instance, write “Research seminar series – John Doe”.

Screenshot from the Events BoardBeskrivning (Description):
Give a concise summary of the event. Maximum three sentences.

Keep in mind:

  • Be careful when copying text from other documents. Sometimes strange characters can appear.
  • Write the full name of organisations, departments etc, not just an acronym.
  • Text in the Events Board becomes one paragraph, even if in the form it looks like you can insert line breaks and make lists. So remember to use correct punctuation – otherwise the text might be difficult to understand.
  • It is not possible to add links to the text. You can add links in the field “Kontaktinformation för aktiviteten”.

Plats (Location):
Enter where the event will take place.

In the lower half of the Information section, at “För publicering på engelska webben” (To publish on the English Events Board), you add content that you want published on the English Events Board.


Screenshot from the Events Board2. Tillhörighet (Department)

Tillhör enhet (Concerns department):
In the roll-down menu, select the department that the event comes from or is mainly intended for.

Publicera även på (Also publish at):
Select LiU if the event is also to be published on the central Events Board. (LiU is pre-selected.)

Keep in mind:

  • Local activities should NOT be published on the central Events Board. These include teachers’ meetings, unspecified doctoral seminars and meetings with the department board. In these cases, LiU you must untick LiU. To do this you click on LiU while holding down the Shift-Control key (for PCs) or the Cmd key (for Apple). You can also double-click on the department where the event is to be published.
  • In the list under “Publicera även på” (Also publish at), you can select multiple departments by holding down the Shift-Control key (for PCs) or the Cmd key (for Apple).

Kategori (Category):
Select the appropriate event type.

Screenshot from the Events Board3. Datum och tid (Date and time)

Here you specify the date and time of the event. (Not of the period that the event will be listed on the Events Board.) If you wish, you can specify the period of publication, in which case the event description starts with the date of the publication period.

Screenshot from the Events Board4. Kontaktinformation (Contact details):

Here you can link to a page containing more information.
Always enter contact details, because users often have questions about the event.



Editing an entry

Events published locally are managed by the department’s Events Board editor. Events published centrally, or both centrally and locally, are managed by the central Events Board editor at the university’s communications office. If you need to change something in an existing entry, you must contact the central Events Board editor: sofia.strom@liu.se.


Text: Sofia Ström Bernad


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Last updated: 2014-03-06