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Features 2014-2015

Hans holding diplomas.

Malmsten Graduation Ceremony 2015

Fourteen graduates from Carl Malmsten Furniture Studies received their diplomas at the school’s annual graduation ceremony last week. The location was fitting – the Stockholm Concert Hall, where much of the furniture was designed by Carl Malmsten himself. (14 Dec 2015)

Per Aspenberg

US healthcare company behind academic meeting

Per Aspenberg, Professor of Orthopaedics, thought he was invited to an academic meeting with the world’s most prominent osteoporosis researchers. After arriving at the luxury hotel in Geneva, he found out that an American company was behind it all. (10 Dec 2015)

Zou Cairong och Helen Dannetun

Conference celebrating LiU’s 40 years

LiU and Vice-Chancellor Helen Dannetun hosted an anniversary conference filled with science, new learning, good times and lots of interaction. (12 Nov 2015)

2015 Alumni of the year

“A big laugh a day is a must”

Having fun on the job is a common denominator for the Alumni of the Year: Mihai Aldén, Oscar-winning developer at DreamWorks Animation in Los Angeles, and Kajsa Andersson, award-winning Vice-Chancellor for Skäggetorpsskolan. (11 Nov 2015)

Charlotte Lundgren

When words aren’t enough

Trainers, elite riders and horses. Communication among three parties in which only two of them speak the same language. It’s a situation that interests communications researcher Charlotte Lundgren. (7 sept 2015)

Kalas 2015

Exhibition throngs and Kalas delirium

Kalas 2015 to welcome the new students. An afternoon and evening with an exhibition, music and partying. This year with DJ duo Galantis on stage. (3 Sept 2015)


Drugs and the brain

Despite ever increasing knowledge about drug abuse as an addictive disease, those who are afflicted almost never receive up-to-date treatment from the medical care system. (18 Aug 2015)

Jill Trewhella

Erlander dances in new professorship

On 4 June, LiU Vice-Chancellor Helen Dannetun welcomed Jill Trewhella as visiting professor at Linköping University and looks forward to a close collaboration going forward. (6 June 2015)

Commencement Ceremony 2015

Pomp, super-sized, at 2015 Commencement

Has Linköping ever seen so many wreaths and hats at one time? The most prestigious academic ceremony – Commencement – took place on 23 May at Konsert & Kongress in Linköping. (26 May 2015)


Crazy fun at SOF 2015

It’s lucky that the Student Orchestra Festival (SOF) isn’t held in Gränna as was originally the plan. Because the 2015 edition of the Kårtegen student procession would not have fit. In Linköping, 31 floats covered the route from Ågatan out to Old Linköping. (18 May 2015)

Vice-Chancellor Helen Dannetun

Fanfare for the makeover

After two years work, the new graphic identity was introduced all over the university. (20 May 2015)

Space travellers watcing film in the dome

Astronauts to space via Norrköping

Experienced astronauts who are impressed by looking at images of space? Yes, it is possible – at the Visualisation Centre at Campus Norrköping. (29 April 2015)

Eugene Grasevics is showing off a maypole

International breezes at LiU

Loads of people, fun and food. LiU’s international students went all out when they presented their countries, regions and cultures at International Day. (10 April 2015)

Klara Friman

Solidarity economics in Managua

Last summer, Klara Friman graduated with a master’s in Design and Product Development, and up until the middle of March this year she will be working as a ‘We Effect’ trainee in the Nicaraguan capital Managua.. (28 Jan 2015)

Ceramics painting South Africa

Helping vulnerable people make a living

Earning money from their business ideas is not what furniture designers Mattias Rask and Tor Palm are about. Through collaborating with craftsmen and women around the world, they want to create local jobs and develop their own knowledge. (22 Dec 2014)

Elina Rönnberg shows advanced calculations

Scheduling benefits

Healthcare managers spend hours and hours puzzling together their staff rosters. Schemagi, a Linköping-based start-up, has developed a tool that increases healthcare quality and staff satisfaction. (17 Dec 2014)

Santas on Campus Valla

Stoked for Christmas!

This year our students have got into the Christmas spirit more than ever. Christmas markets, gingerbread snaps and decorations. A dozen or so Christmas concerts, Lucia processions and more. Even LiU’s robots have added to the mix. (18 Dec 2014)

Sinkhole Party outside Kårallen Building


What could a break in a drainpipe possibly inspire? A spontaneous Sinkhole Party, for example? Master’s student Marcus Odlander rapidly set up the event via Facebook; over 2,600 students responded and on Friday evening 28 Nov hundreds of curious student turned up at the fences outside Kårallen. (1 Dec 2014)

Fredrik Löfgren with a robot

Competing in Robotics

“It’s much more motivating to cram for a competition than for an examination,” says Fredrik Löfgren, LiU student and project leader for the RoboCup Junior competition. (4 Nov 2014)

Alumni of the Year Peter Agnefjäll and Elnaz Baghlanian with Vice-Chancellor Helen Dannetun

Gut feeling the key to success

Trust your gut feeling. That was the advice from this year’s Alumni of the Year, Peter Agnefjäll, President and CEO of the IKEA Group, and Elnaz Baghlanian, editor and office coordinator at Swedish PEN. Both gave well-received speeches at the Alumni of the Year ceremony on 3 October. (6 Oct 2014)

Pupils from Björnkärrsskolan

Pupils from second grade meet researcher

A torrent of questions greets researcher Magnus Herberthson when he visits the second grade pupils at Björnkärrsskolan, a local school. "Borrow a researcher" was part of Linköping University’s participation in Researcher Friday. (26 Sept 2014)

Juliette Ramberg de Ruyter

Out into the world with a teaching degree

Having just successfully graduated as a secondary school teacher, Juliette Ramberg de Ruyter is packing her bags and heading off to Dhaka. A job as a trainee education development officer is more appealing than a classroom in Sweden. (23 Sept 2014)

Dog with blue toy in the mouth

The underrated dog

The cognitive abilities of dogs takes even researchers by surprise. This fall Per Jensen, professor of ethology at LiU, is coming out with yet another book about dogs’ behaviour. (8 Sept 2014)

Audience waiting for Movits!

Partygoers at Kalas enjoyed warm evening

Balmy autumn weather, perfect for relaxing by the outdoor stage, and big crowds at the fairs. Kalasmottagningen – LiU’s massive welcome day for new students – drew huge numbers of party-hungry students. (4 Sept 2014)

Peer students

Nolle-P well underway

A few weeks ago, Campus Valla was pretty much deserted. But now the students are back. On Tuesday it was time for the new students at the Faculty of Health Sciences to start Nolle-P – a two-week period of welcome events. (26 Aug 2014)

Gabriella Christoffersson blowing up a balloon

More of everything at Kalas 2014

From a symphony orchestra to Movits! on stage, even larger outdoor spaces and more local bands. Linköping University’s tenth Kalasmottagning (New Students’ Day) will offer more – the whole time. (15 Aug 2014)

Happy girl

LiTHe Blås enjoys successes in Europe

Rapturous applause at the EU Parliament and silver in Dutch Dweilmusik. LiTHe Blås, Linköping University’s wind band, found success everywhere they went. (15 Aug 2014)

Happy graduates

Farewell Ceremony 2014

Graduates of the international master’s programmes at Linköping University said goodbye to their teachers, classmates and their time as students at the Farewell Ceremony on 11 June. (13 June 2014)

LiU student Amanda Ekelund

Cooking and discussing

In the newly-started mentor group LIKES, international and Swedish teaching students gather, with their profession and their training as common denominators. Among other things, it has arranged discussion and cooking evenings. (5 june 2014)

Corridor where the ventilation in the ceiling and walls are covered by thick insulation

Exploring Kåkenhus Building

Water channels where once the river Motala ström rushed straight into the house; a tower with a view of the city. Air-raid shelters from the war that have become construction barracks and a boule pitch. Kåkenhus, the main building on Campus Norrköping, has a number of hidden tourist attractions. (6 May 2014)

Hans conducting

Director Musices Hans Lundgren bows out

After 35 years Hans Lundgren is hanging up his baton. But first there was a farewell concert, Fine, on 10 May with 180 singers and instrumentalists on stage at Crusellhallen concert hall. (14 May 2014)

Ghana dance

IDay, the perfect occasion to see the world

IDay, one of the biggest international festivals in the Östergötland region, took place on 25 April at Linköping University. International students showed everyone the beauties of their countries and celebrated cultural diversity. (29 April 2014)

Easter eggs. Photo: iStockphoto

Celebrating Easter in Sweden

Easter traditions differ from country to country. All have their own way of celebrating. An exclusive Swedish tradition is birch twigs decorated with coloured feathers placed in vases around the house. (17 April 2014)

Students in Nepal

Home again from Nepal

Johan Alsterhag and David Falk are back in Sweden after their trip by bike to Nepal. They went in August last year to support a girls' home in Nepal and to go on an adventure. (27 March 2014)

Aircraft engine simulator

A lift for aero and eco studies

Cold and hot streams flow smoothly through the gas turbine on the display. A new gas turbine and aircraft engine simulator is a valuable new addition to Linköping University’s master’s programmes. (5 March 2014)

Patrik Jutterström at a student café

Bridge between students and companies

Finding the right job and the right student is not always easy. LiU students have set up BrandVisors, an association with the aim of facilitating contacts between students and companies. (3 March 2014)

Ida Nordström

A semester in Singapore

A few minutes with Ida Nordström, senior high school teacher in training, who has taken part in a new exchange with Singapore. (22 Jan 2014)

Mattias Bergbom

Norrköping to Hollywood and back

Mattias Bergbom would actually have been satisfied with any job in the IT sector. But he ended up in the film industry, in Hollywood, with an Oscar for Visual Effects. A nice qualification for the Linköping University graduate. (24 Jan 2014)

Anna Asratian

Anna Asratian wins medal

Anna Asratian, master’s student in Experimental and Medical Biosciences, has been awarded a service medal from the Faculty of Health Sciences. (15 Jan 2014)

Porters of Kilimanjaro

Student doco on the porters of Kilimanjaro

Four students from Linköping University travelled to Mt Kilimanjaro to make a documentary on the porters there. It ended up a dramatic and difficult trip, where they experienced climate change at close range, caught malaria and almost got thrown out of the country. (10 Jan 2014)

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