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LiU climate researchers at Copenhagen summit

Over twenty climate researchers from the Centre for Climate Science and Policy Research, CSPR, at LiU are present at the international climate summit in Copenhagen, 7-18 December.

The research team from CSPR focuses on a variety of areas. For example on the role of commercial airlines, issues of justice and historical responsibility, carbon storage, vulnerability and adaptation in developing countries, climate communications and public perceptions of climate change.

A number of summit related events are also attributable to CSPR. Among these is an exhibition on climate visualisation at the Bella Center (arranged with the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute, SMHI, and Norrköping Visualisation Centre) which is followed by a workshop on interactive climate visualisation. In conjunction with the summit’s Forest Day CSPR arranges an exhibition on forests and bioenergy, climate and poverty.

However the climate summit does not only provide an opportunity for the researchers to showcase their achievements and to learn from others, it is in itself a study object. The project studying the summit has been ongoing for the past three years within Mistra's climate policy research programme, Clipore.

Mattias Hjerpe, researcher, and Bjorn-Ola Linnér, professor at CSPR are the coordinators of a questionnaire aimed at summit participants through which they are hoping to find answers to questions such as burden sharing and leadership. The questionnaire will be issued to over a thousand participants, both those who are there for the main conference and those participating in or arranging related events. The study is a collaboration between Linköping University, Uppsala University, University of Gothenburg and Swedish Environmental Research Institute and involves over ten researchers.

Therese Winder 2009-12-04

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