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Setting the Christmas atmosphere

Christmas market in Key House

Christmas market in Key House

Advent, Lucia and all things Christmas - LiU's choirs do their bit for the Christmas spirit by arranging more than a dozen traditional Christmas concerts.

This week the students in the Key house started festivities by arranging their own Christmas market.

Students on the Handicraft and Design programme held their market on 26 and 27 November, helping to make it easier for everybody who has started their Christmas shopping, or providing inspiration to those still undecided!

There is also a Christmas market at Campus Norrköping, outside Trappan, on 6 December. This is a brand new feature in LiU's Christmas celebrations and is arranged by the students on the Graphic Design and Communication and the Culture, Society and Media programmes. The students will be selling their own self-produced products.

The first Christmas concert is by the Academic Choir, who joins forces with the jazz pianist and composer Steve Dobrogosz in a concert titled Saffron & Cinnamon - a concert with this season's sweetest smells held in the Mission Covenant Church on the first of Advent, 29 November.

Chorus Lin welcomes Christmas with a concert in Gamla Linköping on 1 December and one in Slaka Church on 2 December. The concert includes songs such as Gloria by John Rutter and is a performed together with musicians from Östgötamusiken The same concert can also be seen in Ödeshög Church on 5 December and St Lars Church in Linköping on 6 December..

Those who would rather spend 2 December listening to a men’s choir should head to St Lars Church where Linköping University male voice choir Lihkören performs the first of four Christmas concerts. The others are held on 3 and 5 December.

Skön, the Campus Norrköping choir also performs four Christmas concerts. All are held at Café Swarts by the City Library in Norrköping on the dates 3, 4 and 5 December.

The academic women’s choir Linnea picks up the baton on 11 December, with a Lucia concert in the Mission Covenant Church. The choir also supports the Lucia festivities in Scholanders Hall at the Nations House in Linköping on 13 December.

Therese Winder 2009-11-27

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